What is this place?

This is a travel blog.

I’ll just leave it there all alone and in Bold because I like unsweetened reality (but just to be clear: Earl Grey with no sugar is just disgusting).

I must tell you that I started traveling alone only very recently, two years ago in fact… In June 2018 I had a breakdown over being alone in Liguria and in October I decided to face my fears and I went to Prague for a few days to see if I was someone I was happy to travel with.

And you know what? I was!

So last year I went to Barcelona, then to Krakow, Warsaw and finally to my dream destination: Japan. All by myself, and I had the time of my life!

Then a global pandemic stroke and I had to give up a trip to Saint Petersburg and an on-the-road one in Lapland. Instead, like many around the globe, I’ve had to look at every inch of my tiny apartment for months, and I discovered unexplored corners where so much dust had taken residency without my permission, but I decided to leave it there considering it company.

Then I quit my job.

SBAM! Just like that, one day I had been working for the same company for over 15 years, I had a good salary, a health insurance, paid gym membership (that I never used anyway), company phone and blablabla, and then that was it ‘sorry bye, I’ve got things to do and you are keeping me’.

During the pandemic, yes. And I decided that I was just in time to start following my dreams and soak into creativity.

What to do though? What CAN I do? What am I good at? I’m a multipotentialite so you can imagine the amount of things that I have learned to do over the years and I am not a specialist in any of them. Then one day I came across a course on how to become a travel blogger and it hit me.

I can travel solo!!!

And I am Italian and I’d like to tell you all about MY Italy, traveling alone and with a budget, because I don’t plan on getting rich anytime soon, and Italy on a budget is as authentic as it gets!

So sit down and put the kettle on, I’ve got a lot to tell you!